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Growth Strategy with GLP Group

GLP group is one of the world's largest providers of modern logistics facilities. We plan to utilize, to the greatest extent possible, the information, knowhow and managerial resources of GLP group regarding the development, operation, leasing and property management of modern logistics facilities to support the stable management and growth of our asset portfolio.

GLP group holds, manages and operates logistics facilities in Japan, China, the United States, Europe and Brazil. GLP group has an excellent operating history and strong relationships with many of its partners. GLP group has carried out joint ventures in Japan with such entities as China Investment Corporation, China's sovereign wealth fund, and the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board, Canada's pension investment public agency.

Utilization of GLP Group's Value Chain

GLPグループのバリューチェーンの活用GLP group provides various logistics facility-related solutions, such as acquisition, development, ownership, operation, leasing, property management, and consulting. We plan to utilize the support and capabilities of GLP group companies during the various phases of managing our assets to enable the stable management and growth of our asset portfolio.

Strategy for Portfolio Growth

We plan to acquire highly competitive properties and achieve steady external growth by utilizing our preferential rights to obtain information about the potential disposition of GLP group portfolio assets, as well as the information and knowhow of GLP group with regard to property acquisition.

Strategy for Portfolio Growth


We maintain a right-of-first-look with respect to the 5 properties in Japan that GLP group companies owns, other than through joint ventures with third parties, based on the Right-of-First-Look Agreement dated on November 13, 2012. Taking advantage of this, we seek for portfolio growth.

As of Sep. 30, 2018

Region Property name Location Date of
Land area
Gross Floor Area
GLP Urayasu II Urayasu, Chiba Jan 29, 1989 24,444 49,000
GLP Urayasu IV Urayasu, Chiba Jun 15, 1981 27,452 48,722
GLP Yokohama Yokohama, Kanagawa Jun 13, 2005 51,073 119,351
GLP Soka Soka, Saitama Apr 18, 1988 53,680 71,206
Other GLP Sapporo Sapporo, Hokkaido Feb 7, 1983 15,635 16,034
(Note) The figures are rounded to the nearest whole number and including a portion under re-construction for GLP Urayasu Ⅱ.

GLP Group's Commitment

We plan to make the following arrangements, in order to align GLP group's interests with those of our unitholders:

GLP Group's Commitment

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