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Portfolio Data

Portfolio Summary

As of Mar. 29, 2019

Total Acquisition Price Number of assets PML (1)
607,975 million yen 75 properties 1.9 %
(1) PML is based on the Portfolio Seismic Review Report dated March 29, 2019, and is rounded to the first decimal place.

Portfolio Data

As of Mar. 29, 2019

Distribution by Location

Distribution by Gross Floor Area

Distribution by Remaining Lease Term

Weighted Average Lease Expiry

4.2 years

Top 10 Customers by Leased Area

(Note 1) Location and Gross Floor Area are based on acquisition price. Remaining Lease Term and Weighted Average Lease Expiry are based on leased area.
(Note 2) Numbers are rounded to the written place. Therefore the total sum of the proportions is not always 100%.
(Note 3) Hitachi Transport System, Nippon Express and Senko include group companies.
(Note 4) We have not received permission from the tenant to disclose its name

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