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Location ①③4-13-41, Mihori-cho, Akishima, Tokyo
②4-13-42, Mihori-cho, Akishima, Tokyo
Land area 30,939㎡
Gross floor area ①11,464㎡ ②15,730㎡ ③157㎡
Leasable area 27,357㎡
Acquisition Date Jan 4, 2013
Date Constructed Feb 10, 2001
No. of Floors

Property Characteristics

The Property is a large-scale logistics facility with a leasable warehouse area of approximately 8,200 tsubo, consisting of three buildings, two warehouse buildings and one shop building. The warehouses are two stories high, with a ceiling height of 6.4 to 4.8 meters, a pillar span of over 11 meters, and a floor loading capacity of 1.2 - 1.5 tons per square meter, making it highly versatile.

Location Characteristics

The Property is situated approximately 1.9 km from National Route 16, about 4.9 km from the Hachioji Interchange on the Chuo Expressway and about 7.3 km from the Akiruno Interchange on the Ken-O Expressway, and has good access not only to the central Tokyo but also to the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. It is located approximately 1 km from JR Akishima Station (about 13 minutes’ walk), and with a large population in the vicinity which makes it easy to secure a workforce.

Environmental assessment / Certifications


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