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Location 9-1-2, Narita, Tomiya, Miyagi
Land area 19,525㎡
Gross floor area 18,423㎡
Leasable area 20,467㎡
Acquisition Date Jan 4, 2013
Date Constructed Apr 5, 2006
No. of Floors

Property Characteristics

The Property is a large-scale logistics facility with a leasable area of approximately 6,100 tsubo. It has high specifications, with a ceiling height of 6.9 to 7.2 meters, a floor loading capacity of 1.5 tons per square meter and sufficient pillar spans. Equipped with loading berths on both sides of the building, three cargo elevators and two vertical conveyors, it provides high operational efficiency.

Location Characteristics

The Property is located approximately 2 km from the Izumi Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway and approximately 3km from the Tomiya Interchange on Sendai-Hokubu Road, with good road access to National Route 4. At Tomoya Junction, Tohoku Expressway is linked with Sendai-Hokubu Road, making it possible to use the Sanriku Expressway, Sendai-Tobu Road and Sendai-Nanbu Road. Access to Sendai city, Sendai port and Sendai Airport is good, and its location as a distribution center is excellent, with access to the entire Northeast region with the use of the Tohoku Expressway. Furthermore, the residential areas in neighborhood, including Shin Tomiya Garden City and others, makes it easyto secure a workforce.

Environmental assessment / Certifications


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