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Location 4-9-8, Shinmeidai, Hamura, Tokyo
Land area 26,712㎡
Gross floor area 40,255㎡
Leasable area 40,278㎡
Acquisition Date Oct 1, 2013
Date Constructed Jan 13, 2009
No. of Floors
S・SRC/4F (with connecting corridor)

Property Characteristics

The property is a high-spec and large-scale logistics facility designed for multi-tenant use, with ceiling height of 6.8 to 7.2 meters, floor loading capacity of about 1.5 tons per square meter, and eight freight elevators. Also it is a crucial logistics hub of a global manufacturer for the distribution to Tokyo metropolitan area.

Location Characteristics

The property is located in one of the very few sites in Tokyo for large-scale logistics facilities. The area is ideal for transporting cargo to all parts of the Tokyo area due to superior access to main highways as well as the Ken-O Expressway (Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway) and Chuo Expressway. Also the area is a superior location which is close to both consumption and production area in Tokyo.

Environmental assessment / Certifications


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