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Location 3-8-10 Tatsumi, Koto, Tokyo
Land area 6,384㎡
Gross floor area 16,880㎡
Leasable area 17,109㎡
Acquisition Date Apr 1, 2014
Date Constructed Aug 28, 1986
No. of Floors

Property Characteristics

The Property is a large-scale logistics facility with a leasable area of approximately 5,100 tsubo. It is an excellent performance facility, equipped with L-shaped berths, three freight elevators and one passenger/freight elevator, and designed to secure sufficient ceiling height, floor loading capacity and pillar span. While conveniently located to satisfy requirements as an urban area distribution center, the property can also serve the purpose of a head office since the fourth and fifth floors are designed to offer basic functions for office use, including daylight access. This multi-functionality is a key feature of this highly competitive advanced logistics facility.

Location Characteristics

The Property is located in a logistic hub, at the intersection of National Route 357 (Wangan Road) and Metropolitan Road 319 Loop Road No. 3 (Mitsume Street). It is situated in close proximity to the Shinkiba Interchange on the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway Bayshore Route, an access point to the expressway network. The facility also enjoys excellent access to the large consumption centers of central Tokyo and Yokohama, Tokyo Port where large vessels dock, and Haneda Airport. In addition, the property is approximately 3 minutes’ walk from Tokyo Metro’s Tatsumi Station, a favorable location for securing employment.

Environmental assessment / Certifications


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