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Property Characteristics

The property is a large-scale logistics facility with a leasable area of approximately 17,800 tsubo. With a large 10-15 meter canopy, a wide freight handling space, four freight elevators, six vertical conveyors and triple-sided truck berths (elevated-berth, low-floor berth), the property offers high operation efficiency and highly versatile specifications. Additionally, three rare explosive stragehouse exist within the site. Moreover, with solar panels installed on the roof, the site addresses environmental preservation concerns.

Location Characteristics

The property is located approximately 1 km from the National Route 4 bypass and covers a broad area from the Kanto region to the Tohoku region by connecting to the Ken-O Expressway, Tohoku Expressway and National Route 16. After the opening of the section of the Ken-O Expressway from Kuki-Shiraoka Junction to the Sakai-Kogawa Interchange in March 2015, the Satte Interchange, which is approximately 6.3 km from the property, became the closest Interchange, allowing even easier access to the Tohoku Expressway via the Ken-O Expressway and improving the competitiveness of the location.

Environmental assessment / Certifications


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