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Location 1-6-3, Shiohama, Ichikawa, Chiba
Land area 52,887㎡ (Note 1)
Gross floor area 104,963㎡ (Note 2)
Leasable area 101,626㎡ (Note 3)
Acquisition Date Sep 1, 2016
Date Constructed Jan 14, 2014
No. of Floors
(Note 1)
Indicates the entire site area.
(Note 2)
Indicates the gross floor area of one building.
(Note 3)
Indicates the area of entire building. Leasable area that belong to GLP J-REIT as an equal quasi co-owner is 50,813.07 sqm.

Property Characteristics

The Property, completed in January 2014, is a large-scale multi-tenant modern logistics facility. The property is highly versatile, being equipped with twin rampways―each dedicated to one direction―that allow large trucks direct access to every floor, which is large (approx. 6,000 tsubo) and can be separated into sections according to tenants’ needs. It is highly versatile with a floor loading capacity of 1.5t/sqm, effective ceiling height of 5.5?6.6 m, and standard column span of 12 m x 10 m. It is equipped with shared facilities such as cafeterias, convenience store, and rental meeting rooms.
It supports BCP of tenant companies at times of disaster through the incorporation of a seismic isolator system and backup power supply. It also obtained a grade A certificate in the past for newly built facilities under the CASBEE system due to its environmental facilities.

Location Characteristics

This Property is situated approximately 15 km from central Tokyo, offering a strong locational advantage. Enjoying good access to major highway networks involving the Metropolitan Expressway Bayshore Route (approximately 2.8 km from the Chidori-cho Interchange), the Tokyo Wangan Road (National Route 357) and the Higashi-Kanto Expressway, it is ideally situated for delivery to central Tokyo and major consumption centers in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Since it is located midway between Haneda Airport/Tokyo Port and Narita Airport, it is at one of Japan’s largest logistics hubs where many logistics centers for consumer goods operators such as online shopping vendors and apparel companies are located, and thus the property has increased its competitive edge and scarcity value.
Also, access to the entire Tokyo metropolitan area including the inland areas of Saitama Prefecture is expected to improve due to the Koya Junction of the Tokyo Gaikaku Ring Road (tentative name) that is scheduled to open in 2017. The property is within a walking distance of Ichikawa-Shiohama station of the JR Keiyo line, and offers an excellent labor environment.

Environmental assessment / Certifications


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