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Tokyo-29GLP Atsugi IIPrint

Location 4022-2 Sakura-dai, Nakatsuaza, Aikawa, Aiko, Kanagawa
Land area 38,241㎡
Gross floor area 76,855㎡
Leasable area 74,176㎡
Acquisition Date Sep 1, 2016
Date Constructed Jun 1, 2016
No. of Floors

Property Characteristics

The Property is a large-scale multi-tenant logistics facility with a leasable area of approximately 22,400 tsubo. Completed in June 2016, the property boasts a range of cutting-edge features.
Large-scale six-story facility designed to ensure efficient and flexible operation by the tenants with a rampway and wide ample interior space where tenants can perform various operations with material handling equipment.
The building’s high operational efficiency is further assured through superior vertical conveying capability offered by four freight elevators and six vertical conveyers, as well as a high-specification structure with a ceiling height of 5.5 to 6.0 meters, a column span of 11 meters, and a floor loading capacity of 1.5 tons per square meter. In addition, the facility supports the BCP measures of tenant companies at times of emergency through incorporating a seismic isolator, backup power supply and a system for using well water. It has also obtained a grade A certificate under the CASBEE system for newly built facilities by adopting a number of environmental technologies, including a precast concrete structure, LED lighting introduced to the entire building, and solar panels.

Location Characteristics

The Property is situated 40 km from central Tokyo, offering a significant locational advantage. Built within the Kanagawa Prefecture Nairiku Industrial Park, which is home to a concentration of factories and warehouses largely from the manufacturing and transport sectors. With good access to major highway networks: the Ken-o Expressway (approximately 2.7 km from the Sagamihara-Aikawa Interchange, which opened in 2013), the Tomei Expressway and the Chuo Expressway, it is conveniently located to provide a logistics base for cross-regional delivery service to reach central and western Japan in addition to the Tokyo metropolitan area. This favorable location gives the property a competitive edge and high scarcity value, with a high expectation of solid demand.

Environmental assessment / Certifications


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