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Location ①9-7-3 Narita, Tomiya, Miyagi
②9-7-7 Narita, Tomiya, Miyagi
Land area 24,947㎡
Gross floor area ①21,121㎡ ②12,180㎡
Leasable area 32,563㎡
Acquisition Date Sep 1, 2016
Date Constructed Nov 24, 1998
No. of Floors

Property Characteristics

The Property consists of a main building, a large-scale logistics facility with a leasable area of approximately 6,100 tsubo, and an annex with a leasable area of approximately 3,600 tsubo that was constructed in 2014 to meet the need for a larger floor area.
Both are high-specification, high versatility facilities with a standard ceiling height of 5.5 to 6.5 meters and a floor loading capacity of 1.5 to 2.0 tons per square meter, as well as a combined total of 10 freight elevators and vertical conveyers installed in the two buildings. In addition, the main building is equipped with double-sided truck berths on the ground floor. These features are designed to ensure smooth loading/unloading performance, thereby increasing operational efficiency.

Location Characteristics

The Property is favorably located in terms of road network accessibility. In addition to good short-distance access to the Tohoku Expressway via the Izumi Interchange entrance/exit approximately 1.5 km away and National Highway Route 4, the location can offer access to far-reaching areas via a connection from the Tohoku Expressway to the Sendai-Hokubu Road, which are linked at the Tomiya Junction, and further to the Sendai-Tobu and Sendai-Nambu Roads as well as the Sanriku Expressway. This allows the property to serve as a functional logistics base, enabling efficient transport to key delivery destinations in Sendai, the Tohoku region’s largest city, including the city center, Sendai Port and Sendai Airport, and expansion of the service area to the entire region. Recently, local town development has been progressing in the surrounding areas to support rapid population growth, launching and completing new construction projects, including logistics bases and residential developments, represented by Shintomiya Garden City, which offers a favorable staff recruitment environment.

Environmental assessment / Certifications


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