Social Responsibility (S)

Initiatives for employees

GLP has led the market as a leading provider of modern logistics facilities. And we will continue to innovate beyond people's imagination by keeping on challenging without resting on our laurels. To that end, we are committed to improve the work environment and review the personnel system ahead of the social situation so that employees can enjoy their work, support each other, demonstrate maximum performance, and achieve big goals. We are making efforts to create a work environment with various innovations.

To note, since GLP J-REIT does not have any employees because of J-REIT regulation and is virtually managed by officers and employees of the Asset Management Company, below information applies to all employees of GLP including GLP Japan Advisors Inc., the Asset Management company.

Pursuing comfort and health of employees

Ensuring employee’s mental and physical health

Support Overview
Health screening and physical exam assistance We require all our employees to undergo a physical exam or health screening once a year. By providing a subsidy for such, we promote the health of our employees.
Mental health training Conducted webinars related to harassment and mental health for the heads of departments (twice)
Employee care during COVID-19
Implementing a telecommuting system, providing well-being support, providing remote work support, securing safety in the office (installing partitions, creating an office layout that maintains social distancing), and identifying problems through regular communication between department heads, group leaders, and HR
Establishing a consultation service, implementing pulse surveys (Wevox), and conducting departmental briefings

Promoting diverse ways of working

In addition to the institutionalization of remote work, we have implemented the following employee support programs to help each and every one of our employees devise diverse ways of working to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Item Overview
Well-being support Supporting diverse ways of working as well as physical and mental health
Remote work support Support for utilities, communication, and other costs associated with remote work

Improving sophistication of human resources

1. Introduction of Training System

Based on the independent training program developed by each employee, we have introduced a system to support growth opportunities through seminars, lectures, and courses that will contribute to their careers in the medium to long run (100,000 yen per person per year)

2. Training overview

Name of training Target level
Management and leadership training Managers

3. Support for certification exams

The asset management company supports its employees in acquiring specialist certifications including as an Association for Real Estate Securitization (ARES) Certified Master (an educational program that systematically teaches practical expert know-how in the fields of real estate and finance) and as a real estate notary. The asset management company bears the costs for the training and exams in acquiring the various certificates as well as for maintaining the certificates and increasing and maintaining expertise through seminars, etc., and all employees and officers have access to funding. The asset management company does not currently employ part-time or contract employees.

The number of ARES Certified Masters and real estate notaries as of the end of October 2022 is as follows.

Name of certification Number of certifications
ARES Certified Master 6
Real estate notary 3

4. Introduction of E-learning platform

GLP Group has introduced an E-Learning platform as part of training for all employees, enabling them to utilize the abundant learning content of over 3000 titles and GLP's unique content, as well as connecting employees on a global level.

5. Practical training program for young employees and new hires

GLP offers a variety of training and practical training for young employees and new hires. Specifically, we provide OJT training and department briefing sessions in each department, site tours, a mentor system, and regular follow-up interviews after hiring. We support new employees so that they can quickly become familiar with GLP’s corporate culture and play an active role in GLP.

Creating a fair and rewarding workplace

1. Various benefits programs

Prenatal and postnatal leave Reemployment of elderly
Child care leave Employee stock ownership plan
Sick/injured child care leave Defined contribution pension plan
Family care leave Company housing system
Cafeteria plan Health support (EAP) program
Congratulatory or condolence money Group long-term disability (GLTD) income compensation
Health screening and physical exam assistance Health insurance association
Welfare pension Employment insurance
Labor insurance Special leave
Domestic and international business travel insurance Comprehensive welfare group term insurance
Corporate rental car agreement Institutionalization of remote work
Other allowances (remote work support allowances, well-being support allowances)

2. Fair evaluation and compensation

Item Overview
Personnel evaluation system GLP’s personnel evaluation system is based on a compensation and evaluation system which strongly encourages each employee to contribute to the achievement of the company’s mission and vision. Compensation of employee is mainly linked to company performance and individual evaluation. Also, the personnel evaluation system is designed with an awareness of the interdepartmental collaboration that characterizes GLP's business, and through the operation of the system, it is intended that all departments, including the profit-making and administrative departments, will collaborate and work together toward the growth of the company. In addition, the system encourages employees to take on new challenges and evaluates them appropriately. This personnel evaluation system has motivated each and every employee to create an organization that takes on challenges and innovates for the rapid growth of the company. All employees are expected to receive feedback interviews three times a year at the beginning, middle, and end of the term to set goals, check progress, and evaluate achievement.

3. Conducting employee satisfaction surveys

Item Overview
Conducting employee satisfaction survey (Wevox) As part of our efforts to establish favorable mutual relations between the employees and the company, we regularly conduct employee satisfaction surveys through Wevox to evaluate job satisfaction levels, work environment satisfaction levels, and other requests to the company (Response rate in FY2021: 89%). By visualizing organizational issues based on these survey results, we are able to realize the well-being of each of our employees and improve the working environment and the organization.

4. Diversity & Inclusion

To promote employee diversity, the GLP Group offers over 100 programs on diversity and inclusion in a learning platform for all employees.

5. Whistleblowing System

GLP Group has introduced a whistleblowing system that accepts whistleblowing not only from all employees but also from employees' families and business partners etc. The content covers all fields such as various harassment, labor-related issues and environmental issues. Consultations can be made anonymously and are protected in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act.

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