ESG Initiatives

A Message from CSO

GLP Group actively promotes sustainability initiatives and conducts timely and well-covered disclosure as a responsible member of society under the circumstance where ESG has been prioritized

GLP Japan Advisors Inc.
Chief Sustainability Officer

Hisatake Miki

ESG Summary

  • Global Leader of Listed Logistics Real Estate Sector
  • 100%
    Coverage Ratio of Light/Heat/Water Consumption Data
  • 75%
    Ratio of Facility with Environment Certification
  • 44%
    Green Lease Ratio
  • 17properties
    GLP Facility as Evacuation Center
  • 98%
    Customer Satisfaction
  • 28,754MWh
    Renewable Energy Output
  • 43.9billion yen
    Balance of ESG Finance

External Evaluations and Certifications

Sustainability Initiatives

As a key confirmation of our overarching commitment to integrating social responsibilities for the sustainability of the society into our core business practices, we have established various policies including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies, and have taken various individual initiatives on a company as well as investment property basis.

Environmental Activities

GLP J-REIT actively owns environmentally friendly buildings and introduces eco-friendly equipment, as well as takes utmost care in that its asset management operations pay consideration to the sustainability of society and environmental protection.

Social Responsibility

GLP J-REIT actively engages in CSR activities in full coordination with the GLP Group. It also contributes to the BCP of each stake holders including local communities as well as carries out various initiatives each year to offer job satisfaction to employees.


GLP J-REIT, together with GLP Japan Advisors, has pursued the maximization of unitholder interest by continuously enhancing governance systems to establish a strong relationship that aligns the interests of unitholders, GLP J-REIT and GLP Japan Advisors.

ESG Finance

GLP J-REIT actively conducts ESG finance by leveraging a large number of Eligible Sustainability Projects as well as rich track records of ESG initiatives and expands the opportunities to enjoy economic benefits.

ESG Report

Enhance ESG disclosure through issuing ESG report for the purpose of reporting GLP Group’s ESG approach and the content of our ESG initiatives to unitholders and other various stakeholders.

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