Sustainability Initiatives

Efforts to achieve the SDGs

The SDGs are goals shared by the international community that are recorded in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit held in September 2015. GLP-REIT believes that the creation of a sustainable economy and society will lead to sustainable growth for GLP-REIT and the improvement of unitholder value over the medium to long term. In partnership with local communities and tenants, GLP J-REIT has contributed to creating a sustainable economy and society through various initiatives in each domain of ESG and will continue to contribute to the SDGs, the sustainable development goals, by addressing the following material issues.


Goals of SDGs Material Issues GLP J-REIT’s Initiatives
Reducing the environmental load
Initiatives against climate change
  • -Initiatives in renewable energy
  • -Initiatives in energy saving
Initiatives in water resources
  • -Using rainwater and well water
  • -Updating toilet equipment and installing water-saving devices
Initiatives in recycling
  • -Promoting the reuse of logistics goods through business partnerships
  • -Separating trash in collaboration with tenants


Goals of SDGs Material Issues GLP J-REIT’s Initiatives
Coexisting with local communities
Initiatives in local communities
  • -Contributing as a local disaster-prevention center
Initiatives in BCP
  • -Seismic isolation structure
  • -Flood and snow damage control
  • -Stockpiling disaster-relief supplies for disaster prevention
  • -Conducting daily COVID-19 countermeasures
Initiatives for tenant employees
  • -Replete with amenities such as cafeterias and stores
  • -Conducting customer satisfaction surveys
Initiatives for employees
  • -Promoting paid leave
  • -Promoting remote work and other diverse ways of working
  • -Implementing training programs and supporting certification exams
CSR activities
  • -Providing work experience opportunities
  • -Trash pickup campaign
Realizing a sustainable society
A work environment that encourages diverse work styles, human resource development, and gender equality
Contributing to solving social issues with cutting-edge technology


Goals of SDGs Material Issues GLP J-REIT’s Initiatives
Achieving healthy growth for all stakeholders
Reinforcing governance structure
  • -Governance by general meeting of unitholders, board of directors’ meetings, and auditors
  • -Disclosing decision-making processes
  • -Establishing a compliance structure to ensure legal compliance
  • -Eliminating anti-social forces
  • -Pursuing fiduciary responsibility by implementing governance structure for related-party transactions
Pursuing mutual interests with unitholders
  • -Operating an employee stock ownership plan targeting officers and employees of the sponsor and the asset management company
  • -Same boat investing by sponsor
Timely and appropriate disclosure of information
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