Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Initiatives

GLP J-REIT and GLP Japan Advisors, the Asset Manager of GLP J-REIT, together in collaboration with our sponsor group, the GLP Group, give the utmost consideration to environmental protection, and fulfill their social responsibilities in ensuring the health and safety of our customers and local communities as well as employees.

As a key confirmation of our overarching commitment to integrating such social responsibilities for the sustainability of the society into our core business practices, we have established various policies including our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies, and have taken various individual initiatives on a company as well as investment property basis.

This stance toward sustainability is also underpinned by the stated mission of GLP Group, which is to "create best-in-class logistics facilities by maximizing value for all stakeholders including our investors, customers and communities in which we live and operate".

Sustainability Promotion Structure

GLP J-REIT has established the ESG Committee at GLP Japan Advisors Inc. to promote its sustainability initiatives. Under the supervision of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), the ESG Committee consists of representative members from each department, including President of GLP Japan Advisors Inc. In addition to formulating medium- and long-term basic ESG policies, the committee promotes sustainability initiatives by setting ESG-related targets, monitoring progress, and deliberating on various initiatives.

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